Gregory Martin

07455 467617




Like anyone whoís been in IT for a while I have many skills I canít list because I have forgotten that I have them. Also I have developed the ability to discover, enjoy and master new skills and technologies rapidly. Right now Iím getting stuck in to SQL server and studying for an MCSA


So I donít have the latest most in demand skills but I can rapidly acquire working knowledge and in time expertise. This is because I enjoy working with databases, MS Office components, VBA and scripting tools such as Powershell. I donít have a degree in IT but I do have a degree in Mathematics and Iím keen on accuracy and elegance in programming and automation.


There is a company which can make use of my skills and can-do attitude. If you donít have a position I could fill then please pass along my details to someone else who may.

Download my cv hereÖÖÖor read it here



Iím worth it !